What Is MISGA?

MISGA, founded in 1975, is an organization of almost 3800 senior golfers in Maryland and in parts of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, and West Virginia. Its goal is to help in the enjoyment of golf and to foster friendship and camaraderie through tournaments, fall golf trips to the south, and golf mixers on a home and home basis. Playing other local golf and country clubs without green fees makes this organization one of the “best deals in town”. There are currently 66 clubs in MISGA.

  1. MISGA dues are currently $5.00 per person per year.
    -This pays for our quarterly newsletter (the MISGAGRAM) and various administrative functions.
  2. A typical golf mixer costs $38 to $45 and includes coffee, donuts, cart, golf, lunch, and prize money.

MISGA wants You!  You can get complete MISGA info by visiting their site at: http://www.misga.org

Sign Up for MISGA Mixers

 Note: You MUST be a MISGA Member to sign up for the Mixers!!!


You will now see a list of the Bay Hills MISGA events for 2015.
(click the Sign Up Now button to view the schedule & to sign up) 

  1. Check in the Sign Up “white boxes” for all of the events in which you wish to play, then . . .
  2. . . . click on the box at the bottom of this list – Submit and Sign Up
  3. Important – the first time you use it, you will be prompted by Signup Genius to register as a user, just follow the prompting of Genius when you come to it. NOTE: You will not be entering any personal information on this Web site, other than your name and email address, so you may choose to keep your login and password simple, so you can remember it for next time.

To remove your name from an event you’ve signed up for, either intentionally or in error, go to the mainBay Hills MISGA list, as described above, and click the ‘Delete’ box by the appropriate event, then confirm it by clicking on ‘Yes Delete’ when prompted. Events must be deleted one at a time.

 Five days before an event the you have signed up for is due to occur, you will receive and email from Signup Genius reminding you of the event.

 If you have difficulty using this system, please please first ask one of your grandkids to help (I guarantee they’re smarter than me on this stuff) or, click on CONTACT near the top of the Bay Hills MISGA signup page, or email using the address below, along with your phone number, and I’ll get back to you.

 IMPORTANT NOTE:  To avoid any confusion with this move to an Web based signup capability, please sign up for any listed event you wish to play in, even if you have already signed up on one of the sheets at Bay Hills, or by contacting Wayne by email.



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Wayne Adamson
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